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We offer a limited number of carefully selected tours for those of you wishing to embark on an overseas adventure.

Saturday 16 May – Wednesday 27 May 2020 ~ Mauritius – Indian Ocean Paradise (12 Days)

This fantastic tour includes a nine-night stay at a luxurious beachfront all-inclusive resort. The dazzling beaches of Mauritius offer crystal clear blue waters, perfect for unwinding and relaxing. The island is steeped in history with an abundance of historical and cultural attractions built as far back as 1819. This island paradise is perfect for those needing sun, seas, and sightseeing.

COST:  From $7,650.00

 Book and pay in full by Monday 30 September and receive a $150.00 discount per person!

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Monday 10 August – Friday 21 August 2020 ~ North Borneo – Sandakan Day – 75th Anniversary (12 Days)

Attention adventure seekers, animal lovers and history buffs! This colourful and diverse land offers an array of rainforests, mountain ranges and beautiful coastlines. Travel aboard boats, by steam train, in the skies and through amazing lands. Experience the moving 75th Sandakan Day Anniversary and remember those fallen heroes who suffered and perished during the infamous “Death Marches” . Visit monkey and orangutan sanctuaries and enjoy a wildlife river cruise.

COST:  From $5,200.00

 Book and pay in full by Monday 3 February 2020 and receive a $150.00 discount per person!

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Tuesday 8 September – Monday 14 September 2020 – Golden West Railway Tour (7 Days)

All Aboard! Join us on a wonderful rail adventure of the “Golden West” of NSW. This carefully developed tour takes you down a private railway, along goods only railway lines and railway branches that are normally closed, all whilst showcasing the best of regional NSW. Relive the heyday of long-distance travel with restored ex-Southern Aurora sleeping carriages on a vintage train called the “Aurora Australis“. Savour local produce and wines, enjoy sightseeing and visit some spectacular gardens, view delightful scenery and relax aboard. A coach will also be accompanying the train to take you on excursions to the many off-train attractions. This tour takes is from the sandstone cliffs on the Hawkesbury River, the water’s edge of Brisbane, the farming regions of the Centeral West and the Jurrassic rainforests of the Blue Mountians. 

COST:  From $5,350

 Book and pay in full by Friday 1 May 2020 and receive a $150.00 discount per person!

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Monday 19 October – Sunday 01 November 2020 – Tasmania (14 Days)

Join us as we visit Tasmania, the southern tip of Australian territory; an island separated from the mainland by the Bass Strait. It is a place of wild and beautiful landscapes, with a temperate climate and rich history. We visit Entally House, St Helens, Port Arthur, Wrest Point Casino, The Wall, Gordon River Cruise and much more…

COST: From $6,750

 Book and pay in full by Monday 22 June 2020 and receive a $150.00 discount per person!

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Wednesday 16 December – Monday 28 December 2020 – Christmas in the Holy Land (13 Days)

Celebrate Christmas and the birth of Jesus in the place where it all began.
Join together with fellow believers on a holiday where Christ is at the very centre of Christmas.  Travel on this tour with our friends from Christian Fellowship Tours for a journey full of fellowship, fun and faith. Rejoice and worship in Christ’s birthplace as well as many other important Biblical sites connected to his life. Visit Bethlehem on Christmas Eve and celebrate Christmas Day in Jerusalem with a special worship service and a wonderful Christmas Banquet.

COST: From $9,650

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