Overseas Tours

Join one of our escorted tours as we travel to an exciting range of fantastic overseas destinations.
We have a fabulous selection of ways to experience destinations and activities as part of a like-minded group with a tour leader.

The Scenic Matavai Resort, Niue

Naturally Niue
9 Days

Departs 10 Oct 2022
Escape New Zealand to one of the smallest countries on earth; Niue. Experience the rugged nature of ...

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Port Arthur Historic Site - Aerial Landscape, Tasmania

Explore Tasmania
13 Days

Departs 19 Nov 2022
Travel to Tasmania with us as we explore this Australian island full of rich history, wild and ...

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Vivid Sydney

Vivid Sydney Tour

Travel to Sydney and feast upon the inspiring works of light that feature in this annual festival. Vivid Sydney is a playground of the unexpected; discover illuminating installations and 3D projections that transform well-known buildings and architecture into an outdoor gallery of multi-dimensional art. During daylight hours our Vivid Sydney tour also includes Sydney Sightseeing and a day trip out to the Blue Mountains, which get its name from the natural blue haze created by vast eucalypt forests in this World Heritage area.

Norfolk Island Tour

Escape to Norfolk Island

The perfect holiday escape in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean; Norfolk Island is lush and beautiful with sandy beaches, towering Norfolk pines, sheer cliff faces, crystal clear lagoons and undulating green pastures. Discovered in 1774 by Captain James Cook and his crew, Cook named Norfolk Island and it is the only destination in all his travels that he described as “paradise on earth.” With a rich historical convict past and natural untouched beauty, the island is home to just over 1800 people, many of whom are direct descendants of the mutineers from HMS Bounty.

Amazing Alaska

Wild Alaska!

Explore the wide open spaces, glorious mountains, and magnificent wildlife of Alaska by land and sea.  Journey through Alaska’s interior visiting highlights of the Kenai Peninsula, also known as Alaska’s playground, defined by its glaciers, snow-capped mountains and wild coastline.  Spend time in the Denali National Park with its towering granite spires and snowy summits. We continue northward crossing the Arctic Circle before journeying into Canada and the Yukon Territory, discovering Alaska and Canada’s goldrush history.

Matareva Beach Fales Sunset Upolu Aerial Landscape, Samoa

Tropical Samoa Stay Put

Travel with us to Samoa! Famous for its scenic beauty, gentle pace of life and vibrant culture known as Fa’a Samoa – the Samoan Way. On our Island Escape we will stay at the capital Apia, with daily excursions around the island. During this fabulous tour we explore Upolu’s beautiful beaches, freshwater cave pools, spectacular waterfalls, pristine rainforest and lush plantations. We also visit Savaii, the largest island, with its rugged mountainous interior, volcanic craters, steep gorges, lava fields, ancient archaeological sites and spectacular blowholes and waterfalls.

Fijian Island Cruise - Sacred Island Mamanuca

Fijian Islands Cruise

Let’s go and enjoy the warm weather and Bula Spirit that Fiji has to offer. Fiji is blessed with over 300 tropical islands that are said to be the home of happiness. While here, we’ll enjoy a multi-day cruise of the Yasawa and Mamanuca Islands. From Monuriki Island, where the Tom Hanks movie ‘Castaway’ was filmed, to the exclusive trip to the Narokorokoyawa or Sacred Islands where we’ll experience a Sevusevu (gift giving) ceremony, there is something for everyone on this cruise.